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Our Mission

Every child is an entire world. We strive to harness their infinite potential through unconditional love, support, and personal attention. Our bilingual Hebrew/English speaking staff share the joy of Judaism with each child, allowing authentic Jewish pride to become the cornerstone of their lives.

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A time to connect, experience, and explore!

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At Hebrew Afterschool, we create a warm and welcoming environment for children to learn and grow. We are proud to offer a nurturing program that includes Hebrew language classes, Jewish Identity, fun activities, baking, art and much more. Our dedicated Israeli staff is passionate about teaching and guiding children on their journey towards becoming the best they can be. 
- Elana R (Director) 


“We really love Hebrew Afterschool. Our child enjoys learning about Jewish Holidays, celebrating Shabbat parties, making challah, learning Hebrew, reading Hebrew which is super crucial for all of us. Highly recommended” 

- Yoav B (Parent)


 "We moved this year from Israel and couldn't be happier with the nurturing Israeli staff at the Hebrew afterschool. Their genuine care about our child and Hebrew speaking environment was a huge help in our daughter transitioning to USA. She’s made good friends and is continuing Hebrew learning which is so important.” 

- Elite M. (parent)

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“Dedicated to Tzvi Ben Yona for instilling within me a strong Jewish identity”
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